Wowbii – Branded Partner

Wowbii is Africa’s pioneer and foremost original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD). Our goal is to “transform the way Africa works and learns”.  We are serving Africa, leading in the local assembly of IFPD’s with over 70% market share. Our solutions span the enterprise and education; we have a passion for the latter and drive an exclusive EdTech agenda on the continent. To give Africa her pride of place at the forefront of technology, Wowbii is enabling educators and learners leapfrog to the fore of global learning best practices. Starting out in 2015 as a Interactive Flat panel touchscreen manufacturer we’ve morphed to become an Interactive Space Management organization. We are layering interactive learning content (applications and curriculum) on the native tool of our youth (tap and swipe hardware) to achieve an explosive combination of lifelong learning. In 2022, we completed the construction of The Wow-School by Wowbii – using Shipping containers to deliver Africa’s First Modular, Hybrid, Interactive, Green, public School -A new standard for Digitized Learning Spaces infrastructure.

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