Scanning Pens – Silver Partner

Our vision

Who we are

Scanning Pens is an award-winning portable assistive technology company based in the UK, founded in 2003 by two enthusiastic tech lovers – Toby Sutton and Jack Churchill.

With Jack having dyslexia himself, he wants to make sure both adults and children across the world within the neurodivergent community have the necessary tools to read confidently.

What we do

We continue to find new ways to help those with neurodiversity work and learn with confidence.

People in the workplace, education or public sector thrive and feel included among their peers by using highly advanced text-to-speech technology from our collection of reading tools.

Our Mission 

  • Provide technology that increases productivity, promotes inclusivity, and offers affordability
  • Offer a range of resources to help best utilise our reading pens for children, adults, and educators
  • Increase awareness of dyslexia and other learning challenges through webinars, training programs and educational interventions

What we believe:

Assistive technology is a great enabler that should be embraced by people from all walks of life.

The stigmas surrounding the use of assistive technology to support reading challenges still exist. So, it’s important that those who have, or are yet to be diagnosed, feel like their voices are heard.

Our vision of dyslexia support and awareness extends far beyond the classroom and uses technology to assist lifelong learning for all ages with literacy differences.