Hult EF – Gold Partner

Public-private partnerships have the power to create a significant, positive impact on human capital development, central to Africa’s economic competitiveness and transformation in the twenty-first century.

The continent’s young people are its greatest resource and the key to prosperity in a globalized and digitized economy. By 2030, some 375 million young people will enter the job market in Africa.

We support governments, the private sector, NGOs and development partners in making the right, long-term investments in education and skills.

As practical learning experts, we co-create programs for young people and employees of all levels and sectors to develop the critical skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed in the fast-changing new world of work.

We believe language, entrepreneurship, management and leadership training can help create opportunities for individuals, companies, and countries. We are committed to building a more prosperous future for all.

We help governments to:

  • Customize language programs to achieve national objectives, including professional and industry-specific language skills for global fluency
  • Assess and track the language proficiency of large target groups
  • Improve students’ education by elevating teacher training
  • Build entrepreneurial, managerial and leadership skills across all levels and sectors
  • Co-create customized learning solutions to tackle specific strategic challenges contextualized to local needs

Since 2020, we have been helping 30,000 workers in Rwanda improve their English and hospitality skills, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and the Rwanda Development Board. Click here to watch our latest impact video –

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