GenEx – Silver Partner

GenEx Institute is a global artificially intelligent technology company that is rebooting the education environment. We have created an innovative digital ecosystem that bridges the gap between traditional face-to-face learning, online learning and student-led learning. GenEx is working with ABE to digitise its Ofqual regulated qualifications, and has worked with other internationally renowned exam boards, as well as internationally recognised non-examination-based qualifications that allow students to complete degrees while still at school.

The GenEx system is easily accessible and used by educators, students, school operators and guardians alike. It is a complete operating system that puts all aspects an educational organisation requires to thrive and achieve academic excellence in one place.

GenEx is a platform and mobile app that provides content, assessments, guidelines, and remediation tools and does what no system can do currently – gives you live data on how the student is progressing daily. The system provides all of what the student has done, what the student will do, and all the resources in between to ensure that no student is left behind, no student is stopped from excelling and no educator is ever under-resourced.

Join the movement for equal education.