EIDU – Branded Partner

EIDU has developed an open platform which brings together the best educational interventions, empowers governments to deploy them quickly and efficiently, and provides a sustainable system to continue improving learning outcomes after implementation. The platform has been independently evaluated as one of the highest impact per dollar interventions in education.

We are currently supporting a nationwide rollout in all public pre-primary schools in Kenya – ~170,000 children in 6 counties (Embu, Kiambu, Machakos, Makueni, Mombasa and Murang’a). The program is deployed in classrooms through low-cost digital devices, which deliver a suite of materials to improve learning outcomes: content for learners, lesson plans for teachers, data for governments and researchers and operational support to governments. The program is fully aligned to local curricula and approved by relevant authorities.

The program’s key benefits include:

  1. Real-time access to data, enabling governments to quickly direct attention to schools in need and ensuring transparency throughout the system
  2. Digital tools helping government-employed teacher trainers, improving their ability to observe teachers and classrooms, and collect feedback
  3. Detailed teacher usage data, facilitating targeted support to improve their delivery of lessons
  4. Rapid build-measure-learn cycles, leveraging individualised assessment data for all students, allowing accurate measurement of learning impact and improved quality of content

Its open platform, which integrates proven content and enables scalability across grades, subjects, and locations

Our vision is a world where every child can realise their full potential through quality education. We are keen to explore opportunities to scale our impact.

Website – eidu.com