OmniClouds – Gold Partner

OmniClouds is a global company dedicated to digital transformation projects for governments and multinational companies. We strive to offer disruptive technologies and innovative takes for old and new problems alike, by focusing on connecting the multiple parts into a single integrated platform, leveraging on OmniClouds’ proprietary connectivity solutions.

OmniClouds presents a full spectrum of services for cloud migration, connectivity and digital transformation, which are primed to meet the needs and challenges of the effervescent economies of African nations, especially when it comes to education.

OmniClouds partners with local companies and experts because we understand that each country is different. Our team adapts to each country’s existing projects and infrastructure to deliver a turnkey, fully integrated platform for digital transformation, for education, health, security, and government services, oriented towards meeting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our method to assure the delivery of sustainable, high return solutions consists of several phases:

  1. Initial consultation and scope drafting with local partners and experts.
  2. Development of a tailored solution according to local needs and existing infrastructure.
  3. Implementation of the agreed scope using local teams and best suited providers.
  4. Enable a country wide dedicated network to assure connectivity between all parts.
  5. Transfer knowledge and training to local entities and staff.
  6. Assure that the country is empowered to manage and maintain the new digital platform and offer continued remote support from our global network operations center.

In short, OmniClouds is a platform to transform, an enabler of better solutions that brings people together by fueling abilities, ambitions, and aspirations.

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