Dynamo Maths – Silver Partner

Dynamo Maths is an evidence-based inclusive numeracy program targeted to support children who are not making age-expected progress. It has been purposefully designed to help teachers in the classroom to differentiate support to meet the wide range of learning needs. The program supports the whole cycle of Assess, Plan, Intervene and Review to support K-K12 National Curriculum and catch-up.

The standardised assessment provides a Number Sense Profile of strengths and identifies the specific barriers to learning. It further signposts to a personalised intervention plan. The intervention plan is constructed around multi-modal learning resources consisting of:

  1. Onscreen interactive models and images supported by audio and visual stimuli for students to practice and master the concepts.
  2. Lesson Plans written by experts provide detailed instructions for teachers to promote thinking, reasoning, communication, language and reflection skills.
  3. Worksheets confirm learning and provide evidence of written errors, enabling pupils to think through and reflect on their learning.

In addition, Dynamo Maths has built-in Additional Needs or SEN Profiling tools to support student Accommodations and Adjustments.

The program is delivered locally and supported by Edit Micro across Southern Africa who provide training, technical and National Curricular support. The implementation of the program is showing 35-40% improvement with high levels of teacher motivation.
Dynamo Maths is further being adapted to support children with hard of hearing and language localisation.

Website – jellyjames.co.uk