Casio – Branded Partner

When you think of calculators you think of CASIO. The fact is that beyond calculators there is a holistic ecosystem involving teachers, students, curriculums and educational authorities. CASIO is engaged in modernizing and revolutionizing this ecosystem by customizing teaching and practicing material, conducting development trainings for teachers in mathematics’ pedagogic, and enhancing students’ journey in learning towards critical and analytical thinking as well as problem solving.

Nowadays, CASIO is the market leader in scientific and graphing calculators. Every year, twenty-five million new students in secondary schools around the world are introduced to CASIO’s scientific calculators. Using a scientific calculator to improve problem-solving skills seems to be fast becoming a standard way of learning. We actively support teachers and students who utilize them, so that they can achieve better mathematical education using a scientific calculator; We call this “GAKUHAN”.

Vision:  What kind of world is “a world where anyone can find learning enjoyable”? It could be a world where you can acquire new knowledge, solve problems, expand your interest, or make you want to try new things. Curiosity makes you want to learn more. By taking action to learn, reaching a conclusion, learning something new and using that knowledge, comes a new curiosity. We believe this “chain of curiosity” is what makes learning enjoyable.

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