WOWBii Interactive – Silver Partner

WOWBii Interactive is Africa’s first original equipment manufacturer of interactive touchscreens.

Founded in 2015, WOWBii is transforming the way Africa works and learns by redefining meeting room and classroom technologies. WOWBii’s interactive and immersive solutions feature integrated computing, cloud-based infrastructure, wireless connectivity and cross-platform compatibility, giving users instant access to information, content and applications.

WOWBii offerings are flexible and adaptable, coming with unparalleled customer support and warranty. Offerings include BUDDRoom™, an interactive meeting room solution that allows meeting participants to meaningfully communicate and collaborate in ways not possible in traditional meeting rooms; and BUDDZone™, a learning area offering educational itinerary designed to enable educators use technology resources to drive interactive learning.

As a proudly-African brand focused on providing simple yet durable products, WOWBii aims to be the preferred interactive solutions provider on the continent.

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