Televic Education – Branded Partner

Televic Education is a Belgian based technology company with many years of experience on the African continent.

Customised projects in Africa for school and/or campus including:

  • classroom management (local and/or cloud based)
  • e-learning (on- and off-line)
  • curriculum content (localized and universal)
  • digital exams and assessment (automatic reporting and certification)
  • training and pedagogical methods
  • full turn-key solutions with local, Belgian and European partners
  • collaboration with Universities for research

Focus on TVET education, industrial and general.

Including financial instruments, grants and funding through Belgian Government and others: concessional, semi-concessional and commercial.

In the last decade Televic Education has implemented several projects countrywide and more than 500 schools in Subsahara Africa with their local partners.

Further information – email: