Positivo BGH – Gold Partner

Positivo BGH is a Joint Venture between two industry leaders in Latin America namely Positivo Informática, of Brazil, and BGH, of Argentina.

Positivo Informática brings over 40 years of experience in education to the joint venture and own, run, manage and operate a university, various private schools, and Brazil’s second largest theatre. Positivo also owns education technology research centers that develop leading edge solutions deployed at educational institutions both private and public across the globe.

BGH one of the most respected companies in Argentina with over 100 years of experience is the undisputed market leader in designing, developing and the manufacturing of consumer electronic goods.

Positivo BGH can be seen as the international arm of these two great companies, standing on its own two feet and operating in its own right, with manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Argentina and now recently Rwanda and Kenya.

Even though Positivo BGH has managed a dominant market share in the manufacturing of notebooks, desktops, all-in-ones, tablets and mobile phones in its native Latin America, education is and will always be embedded in its DNA.

The company’s mission is to make technology accessible to transform people’s lives.

Positivo BGH Wise – our education division- offer high quality solutions to meet educational needs; from the delivery of devices and specialized software to training of teachers and students on this new way of learning. We maintain a leading global position in education projects.

Positivo BGH Wise: a new Generation, a New Way of Learning.

Website – positivobghwise.com