Van Schaik Bookstore – Branded Partner


Established more than 100 years ago, Van Schaik Bookstore is one of the leading academic bookstores in Southern Africa with more than 70 stores in South Africa, two in Namibia, four in Swaziland and one in Botswana. Van Schaik Bookstore also manages the four bookstores at the campuses of the University of Pretoria under the Bookmark brand.

The company provides academic textbooks to the higher education and TVET markets in these countries in Southern Africa. Most of the stores in South Africa and the neighbouring countries are based either on or within walking distance from a campus. We also have stores in high streets or shopping malls to accommodate UNISA, TVET, College and school learners. Recently the bookstore chain has also entered the school book market to serve teachers and learners through different stores and platforms.


Since it was established in 1964 Van Schaik Bookstore has provided books to the higher education market. Most notable amongst these HigherEd institutions are UNISA and the University of Pretoria.

Currently, Van Schaik Bookstore is represented on 25 of the 26 government tertiary institutions in South Africa either as an over the counter or self help bookstore.  The presence of Van Schaik Bookstore on campuses benefits both students on campus and the general communities in the vicinity of these campuses.  This is a direct benefit for the institution and their students as not all students are lodging on campus.


The majority of academic books stocked at Van Schaik Bookstores are largely a reflection of courses and modules offered at respective institutions.  To that end our representatives on campus compile booklists with the help of lecturers to ensure that the needs of campuses are addressed.  In compiling these booklists educators or lecturers are encouraged to provide the following details: book title, author(s), ISBN, quantity of books required and expected student numbers for respective modules, semester and date books required.  All these details are confirmed with the lecturer before finalising the order.

Lecturers qualify for the following from Van Schaik Bookstore:

  • A VIP card that gives access to 10% discount on stationery and books.
  • We arrange for FREE desk copies with publishers.
  • We give you access to what other institutions prescribe for the same/similar courses.
  • We provide tax certificates for all academic books purchased at Van Schaik Bookstore.


The bookstore presents students with self-help or counter stores and well-trained and experienced staff to assist. Students will also find all their prescribed books, resource materials, lifestyle products, electronics and stationery at the store. Van Schaik Bookstore offers an account system that assists both parents and students with the book buying process during the year. In addition to that we also assist students with diverse payment methods such Fundi, Intellicard, sBux. Van Schaik launched its own rewards programme for students and recently also made available an App available via smartphones for the programme.  The latter gives students access to rewards that they earn while they swipe, discounts, free promotional items (freebies), partner deals and exciting competitions.

Book prices are readily available via convenient platforms: directly from stores, call centers, online at or by queries through any of the branded VSB social media portals, such as Twitter or Facebook and online chat support.


Van Schaik Bookstore created a facility on its website to host booklists for schools to give direct access to parents and learners to see and to purchase their prescribed textbooks in the most convenient manner. The process is straightforward, and easy to follow. Parents can order their books directly on the website and get it delivered directly to their preferred address. At certain times of the year the school can also order books on behalf of the parents and then the books get delivered directly to the school free of charge. Van Schaik Bookstore is responsible to source, pick and pack the order per grade and learner. The order gets delivered all at the same time and according to the date the school has indicated. The parent can collect their order at the school.


Bursary administration: Van Schaik Bookstore works very closely with institutions regarding disbursement of bursaries and loans.

Library Division: The library division is a dedicated national supplier focusing on the library market across South Africa, operating in all provinces and servicing school, TVET, university, municipal and provincial libraries.

Call centre

We have a national call centre to assist with general enquiries, such as book availability, costs, quotes and store details. The SA share-call number is a mnemonic 0860078839 or internationally dial +27 12 366 5400.

Direct sales unit

Our direct sales channel services customer segments outside the traditional contact campus market, supplying textbooks and reference material to specific niche markets. Our direct sales consultants operate in all provinces and are based in nominated bookstores.

Online extends our services to customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping.