President of Zimbabwe Committed to Innovation

The President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa met with Minister of Education, Hon Paul Mavima and Innovation Africa CEO, John Glassey confirming the commitment of Zimbabwe to innovation and the educational transformation of the country. Preparations are underway for the President to welcome guests at the Innovation Africa Summit.

As part of Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030 the country requires the construction of up to an additional 2,000 schools and to implement a nationwide program to ensure WiFi connectivity in all educational institutions. Zimbabwe is implementing a new competence-based curriculum and accordingly wishes to work with partners who can assist with increasing capacity, professional teacher development, creation of e-content and introducing technology and devices in the classroom.

Zimbabwe wishes to be seen as a regional leader for gender equality, inclusiveness and special needs. It’s Education 5.0 strategy is dedicated to teaching, developing digital skills, innovation and technical and vocational skills for industry.

Join the leading Zimbabwe officials and stakeholders along with multiple participating African countries represented by ministries of education, higher education, ICT, universities and civil society.

Africa’s Official Ministerial Summit

We are proud to announce the 8th Innovation Africa taking place in Zimbabwe in 2018, under the official patronage of the Government of Zimbabwe led by the Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education.

Innovation Africa 2018 is firmly established as the continent’s number one high level ministerial forum where industry partners enjoy pre-scheduled meetings and committed engagement with ministers and senior government officials from over 40 countries. It is Africa’s “must go to” event for education, innovation and ICT. Leading industry partners agree that Innovation Africa is the most productive and enjoyable experience of all events, which emphasises the quality of the audience and high level status of decision-making participants.

“This is the one spot, in one trip, where I can see so many ministers. Intel has been here every year.”
Brian Gonzalez – Director, Intel Education

Under the Official Patronage of Hon Paul Mavima
Minister of Primary & Secondary Education

In 2018, the full force of the Government of Zimbabwe, under cabinet endorsement, will be ensuring a record number of participating ministers from across the continent. As well as being led by the Minister of Primary & Secondary Education, Hon Paul Mavima, the key stakeholders from Zimbabwe’s Government including the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of ICT will play key roles in ensuring the delivery of a multi-layered landmark summit.

“This conference is the best one ever – this my 5th one! There’s an energy that I’ve not experienced before…
I’ve had positive feedback from all 10 of my meetings today.”

Marie-Anne Kleynhans – Managing Director, Edupac

Pre-Scheduled Ministerial Meetings

“One of the things I love about attendees of the event is that they are looking for real answers. Innovation Africa gives us the time and opportunity to get some real stuff done.”
Anthony Salcito – Worldwide VP Education, Microsoft

AfricanBrains is working closely with the most senior officials in the Government of Zimbabwe to maximize the ministerial attendance at Innovation Africa and fulfil our promise of delivering high-level pre-scheduled to participating partners and delegates.

In 2018, participants will have the choice of booking meetings in advance of the event with ministers of education, higher education, ICT, science & technology, special government agencies for education, teaching and ICT delivery, universities and technical colleges.

Over 250 ministers and government officials, from across Africa, will participate in the summit, regarding Innovation Africa as the essential event to attend to meet with their counterparts, industry leaders and solution providers.

“The event has just been really well managed and an outstanding experience.”
Regina Murray – Director Education Sector, EMEA, Microsoft

Hosting Africa’s Leading Decision-Makers

“This is a unique opportunity to discuss with the decision-makers at the highest level.
In the last two days we have held 17 pre-scheduled meetings back-to-back.”

Andrea Emiliani – Business Development, IBM

Honourable Minister Paul Mavima has confirmed personal invitations to ministers from the following countries, to be accompanied by senior delegations. The countries and ministers are regular participants of Innovation Africa, now in its eighth year.


Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of ICT


Ministry of Secondary Education, Technical & Vocational Training
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology


Ministry of Education & Skills Development
Ministry of Infrastructure, Science & Technology


Ministry of National Education & Literacy
Ministry of Secondary & Higher Education


Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research


Ministry of Employment & Vocational Training
Ministry of Secondary Education
Ministry of Scientific Research & Innovation


Ministry of National Education & Technical Training,
Ministry of Post & ICT


Ministry of Primary, Secondary, & Vocational Education
Ministry of Higher Education, University & Scientific Research


Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Science & Technology


Ministry of Education
Ministry of Economic Planning


Ministry of Education & Training
Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology


Ministry of Education and Technical & Vocational Education
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research


Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education
Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology


Ministry of Education
Ministry of Communications


Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
Ministry of ICT


Ministry of Communications, Science & Technology
Ministry of Education & Training


Ministry of Education


Ministry of National Education
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research


Ministry of Education, Science & Technology


Ministry of Education & Human Resources
Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation


Ministry of Education & Human Development
Ministry of Science, Technology, Higher, Technical & Professional Education


Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture
Ministry of Information & Communication Technologies


Ministry of Education
Ministry of Communications Technology


Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education
Ministry of Technical Education, Professional Skills & Employment
Ministry of Scientific Research & Technical Innovation


Ministry of Education
Ministry of Youth & ICT


Ministry of National Education
Ministry of Higher Education & Research


Ministry of Education
Ministry of ICT


Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
Ministry of Information & Communications


Ministry of Basic Education
Ministry of Higher Education & Training
Ministry of Science & Technology
Ministry of Post & Telecommunications/small>


Ministry of General Education & Instruction
Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology


Ministry of Education


Ministry of Communications, Science & Technology
Ministry of Education & Vocational Training


Ministry of Education & Sports
Ministry of ICT


Ministry of Education, Science & Vocational Training
Ministry of Communications

“As always, it is a great experience.”
Juan Ponelli – President, Positivo Africa

Inspire Innovation Africa’s High Level Audience

Innovation Africa 2018 offers an outstanding choice of different options to companies, allowing you to select a partnership package that best suits your needs and meets your objectives. Being a partner at our summits is a proven method of raising your company profile and gaining maximum exposure.

Benefits include a variety of options for exhibition, corporate presentation, chairing of a ministerial panel session, imaginative ways to showcase your company on delegate bags, badges and lanyards. Branding is throughout the venue on screens and banners, electronically on the Innovation Africa 2018 website and the option for a website podcast plus branding and profiles on all printed material including the summit guide and agenda. Plus special exclusive options for being the ministerial reception or gala dinner sponsor.

Priority meeting times are set aside for our Innovation Africa top level partners. Demand is high and numbers are limited. Please see the ‘Participation Options’ document for the best partnership package to suit your needs and enhance your presence at the summit.

“It’s almost a tradition now for Bi-Bright, but it’s a good tradition.
The Brains organised summits have become a very well known and recognised brand.”

Manuel Mexia – International Development Manager, Bi-Bright Solutions