eLearning Solutions – Diamond Partner

Established in the year 2000, eLearning Solutions has offices in South Africa and Zimbabwe that supports over 1,000 primary and secondary schools.

Our solutions

Education Transformation
An effective education transformation can help countries to increase student competitiveness, build job skills and competencies, support economic development and provide social cohesion. We provide Education Transformation Workshops that help schools, districts and governments develop and implement education transformation roadmaps.

Content Aggregation, Licensing & Developing
eLearning Solutions has a variety of digital content that focuses on Maths and Science. The content covers both primary and secondary education. It is interactive, multimedia, has simulations and demonstrations.

Digital Pedagogy & Professional Development
Teaching and learning with technology is, fundamentally, a pedagogical rather than a technical matter, and fluency with technology does not translate automatically into the ability to teach effectively with it. We provide Digital Pedagogy training for effective ICT integration in teaching and learning.

ICT Infrastructure & Facilities
Classrooms require special technologies that conform to the way that learners work and move around and accommodate changes in the learners` behaviour in such a way that learners not only embrace, but also celebrate the classroom space. We provide education specific technology solutions that stimulate the leaner, empower educators, and promote learning excellence.

EduNet (Education Network) – Broadcasting + eLearning

We have designed and built EduNet, a Virtual Private Network for Education that connects schools to their administrative offices. EduNet enables

  • Ministries of Education to create and broadcast lessons in an interactive environment
  • Effective distribution of curriculum content resources
  • Scalable Continuous Professional Development
  • Realtime Data Driven Decision making in Education Management

Website – www.elearningsolutions.biz