SatADSL – Silver Partner

SatADSL develops and delivers innovative communication solutions by providing affordable, IP connectivity to companies and business professionals in Africa and Middle East. SatADSL aims to improve day-to-day business and support the economic development with its cost effective IP communication technologies empowering professionals wherever they are located.

Since 2010, our dedicated team works each and every day to close the digital gap and enable development, solving the connectivity issue for hundreds of companies in the entire MEA region. SatADSL focuses on developing a state-of-the-art solution for business professionals in need of affordable, reliable, high quality IP access solutions in remote areas with difficult or no web access.

  • Flexible – SatADSL solutions can be deployed anywhere there is a good view of the sky within the footprint of the satellites used allowing the solution to be implemented even in extremely remote regions.
  • Reliable – The SatADSL solution doesn’t depend on any local infrastructure such as the local power grid unlike competitors, making it the most reliable communication option.
  • Professional – SatADSL provides turnkey solution to professionals; our solutions are volume unlimited and we continuously monitor the traffic to ensure a very low congestion.
  • Customisable – SatADSL designs tailor made service plans customized to each client’s specific needs. Our packages offer a variety of capacity, volume and contention associated with additional services (VPN, VoIP, etc.)

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