Integrated Technology Group – Gold Partner

ITG has been a leader in technological innovation and a pioneer in developing and exporting education management and government/enterprise solutions, internationally. Managing steady growth and a key technological lead over the past 26 years. Its key eLearning and education management solution, EduWave, currently empowers over 15 million users in more than 42,000 educational institutions across the globe.

ITG is headquartered in Amman – Jordan, and operates in various regions through its operations; ITG America, ITG Saudi, ITG Egypt, and ITG Africa, in addition to its local partners that are spread over 20 countries.

ITG’s specialities are:

  • Educational Solutions: EduWave® e-Learning & Educational Management Platform; in addition to e-Content Development through ITG’s specialized subsidiary JAID Productions.
  • Government/Enterprise Solutions: Government Resource Planning – WaveGRP®, Enterprise Resource Planning – WaveERP®, and Document Management Solution – WaveDMS®

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