Festo Didactic – Gold Partner

You want technology education for a highly skilled workforce
You are driving industrialisation in your country
We are leaders in industry and education
We are the engineers of productivity

We know how to educate for the needs of industry, closing the skills gap, addressing the bottlenecks of economic development. We are global leaders both in innovative industrial automation, and in technical education that is hands-on, inspiring and industry-relevant.

Where there is industry, there is Festo. Where there is industrial training, there is Festo Didactic. Festo was founded in 1925, has a presence in over 250 countries, and invests strongly in research and training.

Festo Didactic delivers training for productivity through technical seminars for industry, and training for employability by bringing cutting-edge industrial technology into the engineering classrooms of the world, building the core skills needed for successful industrialisation and attracting investment.

Festo Didactic supplies:

  • Engineering Training Panels for Vocational Institutes
  • Technology Workstations for Polytechnics
  • Learning Factories for Universities
  • Simulation Software and E-Learning
  • Installation and Train-the-Trainer

Festo Didactic consults in:

  • Industrial Market Survey and Implementation
  • Matching Curricula to Industry Needs
  • Turn-key Laboratory Design

Engage us on how to build your industry of tomorrow, today.

Website – www.festo-didactic.com