CloudHop – Silver Partner

CloudHop is an idea realized and actualized by its founders, Nadeem and Keval, who are driven by their passion for using technology to solve real world problems. The founders recognized a gap in the market where ICT infrastructure was more of a burden to companies rather than a solution to everyday challenges. Addressing the issues of Reliability, Flexibility, Ease of Use and Cost Savings form the foundation of CloudHop’s existence whereby cloud technology is leveraged using a unified approach involving best-of-breed applications that adhere to global best practices. We customize and configure cloud-based applications to fit customer requirements while incorporating consultancy, design, delivery, support and training. CloudHop is one of the first ICT companies in the region to provide 24/7 support backed by a comprehensive service level agreement.

Since its inception in 2012, CloudHop has grown into a mature and well-respected business with over 1,000 customers and 70,000 users by integrating, managing, optimizing and customizing solutions on a turn-key basis to form a 360-degree approach. CloudHop’s success is attributed to its unconventional method of analyzing issues presented by customers and working towards a solution rather than proposing solutions without knowledge of customer requirements.

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