All54 – Bronze Partner

ALL54 is an innovative talent acquisition platform. We partner with public and private sector stakeholders to empower Africa’s talent pool with in-demand technology skills, required to accelerate national development. Our approach employs public-sector and industry sponsored projects to build local technology capacity and create employment.

ALL54’s proprietary Hack Local. Think Global.™ process is a proven methodology for vetting Africa’s exceptional human capital and equipping them with in-demand technology skills, necessary to develop locally impactful innovation and launch meaningful careers.

Our partnership with global technology vendors and academia, ensures that our candidates and partners have access to leading-edge, globally relevant technology.

The global technology landscape is undergoing a major shift as powerful, innovative models are constantly being introduced. At ALL54, we believe that Africa’s talent pool sits at the front end of that change curve.

As your technology capacity building and innovation partner, ALL54 will team with you to deliver successful outcomes for our continent and the world.

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