Itec Global & Irwin Science Education – Silver Partner

Itec Global works with Ministries of Education across the world to help them improve their science and maths educational objectives through teacher training and equipment supply.

Irwin Science Education, formally Irwin Desman, England established in the 1940’s, was requested by the British Government to act as consultants to the Nuffield Science Project in the 1960’s, and have been designing and manufacturing science equipment for schools, colleges and universities ever since.

Together, Itec Global and Irwin Science Education offer expert bespoke packages in curriculum development, teacher training and school laboratory equipment and software supply, to support the development of science and maths education around the world.

Irwin is based in the South East of England where research and development into science teaching apparatus is carried out. The state of the art manufacturing plant produces all Irwin designed equipment ensuring the highest quality standards of safety, performance and relevance to teaching science for the 21st century.

Irwin provide everything required for teaching science from their famous power supplies and instruments to microscopes, mobile science benches and World Didacta Award winning data loggers.

Itec Global have worked across Africa for the last 20 years developing science education centres, supplying schools with science equipment, ICT equipment and software; and training teachers in teaching engaging, practical, investigative science and inquiry based learning maths.

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