Edit Microsystems – Silver Partner

Edit Microsystems (PTY) Ltd is an award-winning company that has supplied sustainable and affordable technology solutions to educational institutions, corporations and community upliftment projects throughout Africa for over 26 years. The company is devoted to finding alternative and cutting- edge technology for individuals of all abilities. Our focus includes improving curriculum delivery through high speed, functional connectivity as well as providing ongoing support, training and professional development to all stakeholders including teachers, parents, therapists and employees.

Our vision is to upskill people, enabling them to acquire employment and make a meaningful contribution towards a better future.

What we do

Personalised for all abilities – We offer advice, products, implementation, training and continuous support for Special Educational Needs, Basic Education and Higher Education

Assistive technology for hearing, visual, communication, mobility, cognition, learning, neurological and neurodevelopmental impairments

  • Inclusive Education
  • Literacy and numeracy software
  • Educational hardware; Projectors, Interactive whiteboards, Scanning pens
  • Mobile & distance learning
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Data logging
  • Robotics and Early Learning Technology
  • Document cameras
  • Virtual laboratories
  • Welding and automotive simulation
  • Technology to target entrepreneurial skills
  • Teenage pregnancy prevention and substance abuse education

Where we are

Edit Microsystems has offices in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Mpumalanga within South Africa and has been involved in various projects throughout Africa.

How we do it

We offer remote consultation, training and support through our unique online video conferencing and collaboration technology. This allows us to link to customers and beneficiaries across vast distances and target specific needs to ensure flexibility and scalability.