Robomatter – Bronze Partner

Founded by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Robomatter Incorporated’s mission is to prepare students to compete in the emerging economy. Robomatter’s solutions offer a unique and effective combination of engaging educational technologies, teacher training, certification and support, scaffolded curricula, differentiated instruction, automated assessment tools designed to track students’ progress, and contextualized STEM learning targets.

Robomatter’s unique partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Academy enables it to provide high-quality, cost-effective K-12 STEM programs. Robomatter educational solutions include:

  • Research based curricula and tools
  • Translated into over 10 different languages
  • Designed to increase students’ college and career readiness skills
  • Scientifically proven to increase students’ mathematical and computational thinking skills

Robomatter packages tools and curriculum to create an integrated classroom solution that accelerate STEM learning. This is accomplished by using programmable games, simulation environments, pedagogical best practices, rubrics designed to drive instruction, engaging robotic technologies, teacher training and support, and student and teacher certifications.

Using proven methods, rigorous curricula, and unique educational technologies enables Robomatter to deliver high quality STEM education in over 16,000 schools in the United States and by millions of students internationally that prepares students to compete in a global economy.

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