RLG – Bronze Partner

RLG is a leading computer and handset manufacturing company, the first indigenous African company to assemble laptops, desktops and mobile phones as well as offer ICT training in phone and computer repairs. RLG has its headquarters in Dubai as well presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya and currently spreading to Middle East and Asia regions.

RLG’s mobile phones range from low, mid and high end with each product range offering consumers various options that suit their lifestyle and communication needs. RLG offers a range of laptops, desktops and tablets which are of world class standard and offer the user great experiences.

The company is modelled to generate mass and high-skilled employment for thousands of African Youth and meet the rising demand for computers and other ICT devices. Over the years the company has evolved to become a key entity in the ICT industry and is on its way to becoming a global ICT giant.

Website – www.rlgglobal.com