Promethean – Bronze Partner

Promethean’s roots began in education. Over the years we have grown into a leading education solutions provider, guiding and supporting forward-thinking institutions around the world in an effort to increase achievement among teachers and students alike.

Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Our technology solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom.

Our goal is to empower educators with the most effective classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. We understand that today’s connected classroom is a springboard for the connected world of tomorrow. Educational technology is an inherent part of the collaborative learning process and needs to constantly adapt to the fit the rapidly changing education ecosystem.

Because learning never ends, neither does the need to inspire and be inspired – in classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms and beyond. This core belief led us to the decision to expand our integrated, interactive offerings outside of the classroom and into the business and government sectors. Our range of solutions includes Activboard leading interactive whiteboard solution, learning response systems such as ActivExpression2 and ActiVote or the award winning software ActivInspire.

Promethean proudly maintains the world’s largest online community of educators on a dedicated website: At Promethean Planet, you will discover an active community, buzzing with inspiration, ideas and support, as well as a warehouse of premium and free resources—including interactive lessons, educator forums and training courses.

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