Moran (E.A.) Publishers Limited – Branded Partner

Moran (E.A.) Publishers Limited is a vibrant publishing company whose operations and philosophy aim at adding value to both school and general publishing, Moran (E.A.) Publishers Limited has established itself as East Africa’s most respected publisher. We have extended our publishing activities and spread our market coverage.   The company has a vibrant and robust staff, led by a management team comprised of leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience that has made the company become an industry leader.

We are recognized for setting standards in:

  • Design, production, printing and distribution
  • Quality content
  • Selection and nurturing of authors
  • Meeting our customers’ expectations

In addition to production and distribution of our own imprints, Moran (E.A.) Publishers Limited provides a wide range of services such as distribution, fulfilment and content digitization among others to third party publishers.

All our publications are listed extensively in our catalogues, price lists and on our website.

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