iSchool – Bronze Partner

‘iSchool gives students a new chance; the opportunity to become problem solvers and to change their life circumstances through education.’

The populations of developing nations are expanding with their economies growing at unprecedented levels. Many communities don’t experience any benefit and remain in subsistence lifestyles, largely because of a lack of good education.

iSchool seeks to change this by introducing modern interactive enquiry based learning and all the resources needed by teachers and students.

iSchool created its learning content and educational tablet in Zambia and set out to become Africa’s leading tablet and smartphone based educational technology solution. Study results so far have shown significantly increased levels of numeracy, literacy and critical thinking skills as well as reduced absenteeism and increased student engagement.

Government, community and private schools as well as individuals have benefited from using the national curriculum based content anywhere and at anytime through iSchool’s educational tablet.

iSchool is now mapping to primary school curricula of a number of countries around Africa and to several wider international standards.

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