i3-Technologies – Gold Partner

i3-Technologies is a global company. Our mission is to provide every learning and meeting environment in the world with affordable, easy acces to inspiring ways of working by means of integrated solutions that foster interaction. Our solutions may consist of hard and software technology products integrated with classic visual communication products and accessories that aid the environment’s users in presenting and collaborating effectively.

i3-Technologies aims to stay in touch with our customers’ expectations and objectives by offering fully integrated technology solutions for any learning or meeting environment. We strive for a clear communication between people and a smooth synergy with the i3-Technologies products. When crafting tools and products, or delivering know-how to the customer, i3-Technologies integrates 3 principles as the fundament to enable the optimal meeting and learning environment: interactivity(1), integration(2) and inspiration(3). Above this, we cherish 3 design principles to ensure maximal satisfaction of the customer and minimal impact for the environment: User-based Design, Universal Design for Learning, and Cradle-to-Cradle.

Some of our products: i3BOARD 10-touch interactive whiteboard, i3TOUCH 10-touch interactive display, i3PROJECTOR lampless ultra-short-throw projector, i3LEARNHUB open collaborative learning platform, i3SYNC wireless presentation tool, i3MEETINGHUB interactive collaboration suite, …

Website – www.i3-technologies.com