HP – Main Event Partner

At HP, we believe that everyone — no matter who they are or where they come from — has the right to a quality education.

We’re proud to be a premier provider of technology solutions for education, offering efficient and effective access to resources anytime, anywhere.

But we’re more than just a vendor — we’re also a partner who empowers users by helping ensure that the right people utilise the right tools in the most effective ways.

At HP, we’re driven by the knowledge that as we help to build better education systems, we’re helping to achieve meaningful outcomes for us all.

By creating engaging experiences, we can help raise student engagement and graduation rates. Our ability to scale allows us to help all students develop skills that are in demand — leading to a more prepared, skilled workforce ready for the jobs of tomorrow. And our cutting-edge assessment technology verifies that students aren’t just showing up at school, but actually learning and preparing for their future.

Learn more at hp.com/hpeducation