Special presentation video by Pedro Polson – CEO, HumanWare.

HumanWare – seeing is believing


HumanWare has been providing assistive technology for over 25 years to people of all ages, who are blind  or visually impaired. During this time, we have been acknowledged as world leaders who provide outstanding technological solutions to our customers. Our products have won numerous awards and accolades for their design, functionality and ease of use.

Recently, we launched Prodigi, a new, innovative and exciting product which will change the way people with low vision read. For over 45 years, people with low vision have been forced to read using electronic magnification which is not conducive to reading for long periods of time. Prodigi is revolutionary and groundbreaking technology, a powerful combination of intelligent design and simplicity.

Our Braille products have an enviable reputation and are equally popular within education, the workplace and at home. The intuitive BrailleNote Apex and Brailliant Braille Displays both work with Apple IOS devices brilliantly.